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skin rejuvenation, body contouring, age defying

Signature Happy Skin Facial

Relax and unwind with our Signature Happy Skin Facial made specifically for your skin type, needs and concerns. 
This facial includes a double cleanse, professional exfoliation for renewing the skin, a custom face mask, massage and pressure touch therapy.

$90 (60 minutes)

Argireline Needle-Free Botox Facial

This facial targets:
• Expression Wrinkles
• Large Pores
• Fine Lines
• Creases + Crinkles
• Loose Skin

This service includes:
• Cleanse
• Enzyme with Steam
• Extractions (if needed)
• Relaxing Massage of the Face/Neck/Shoulders
• 10 minutes Argireline Contour Mask (Scalp + Arm Massage while it sets)
• 30 Minutes of Anti-aging Light Therapy

$225 (90 minutes)


Cryoskin Fat Elimination

Reduce fat and lose inches. During CryoSlimming® treatments the skin is warmed then rapidly cooled. We recommend 3 – 6 sessions for best results. On average, people see 18.96% fat reduction in treated areas. 


Treatment areas:

• Abdomen

• Thighs

• Hips

• Arms

• Upper back

• Love handles

• Double chin

  Consultation: Free

Treatments can be scheduled 1-2 weeks apart.        

5D HIFU Non-Surgical Facelift

A HIFU, high intensity focused ultrasound, uses ultrasound to create heat at a deep level in the skin. This heat damages targeted skin cells, causing the body to try to repair them. To do this, the body produces collagen to aid in cell regrowth. Collagen is a substance in the skin that gives it structure and elasticity.​

  • tighten the skin on the neck

  • reduce the appearance of jowls

  • lift drooping eyelids or eyebrows

  • smooth wrinkles on the face

  • smooth and tighten chest skin

Consultation: Free


Laser Hair Removal

Remove unwanted hair with a treatment that is quick, precise, and virtually painless. Our Venus Concept laser hair removal system provides revolutionary comfort through a built-in cooling feature.  This versatile treatment can be used anywhere unwanted hair is found on the face or body.  And because we use Diode Laser Technology, the treatment is effective for all skin tones! 

All packages are based on 8 treatments  

Upper Lip, Chin, Sideburns

Under Arms, Bikini, Half Arm, Face

Brazilian, Half Leg, Back, Chest 

Full Leg 

Consultation: Free



Body Sculpting is a revolutionary, FDA-approved procedure that targets both muscle and fat to sculpt and tone your body without the need for invasive surgeries.  High Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic energy (HIFEM) is an innovative form of this technology that uses electrical currents to painlessly contract your muscles, strengthening the muscles and reducing fat.  This procedure is used to strengthen, tone, and firm multiple areas including the abdomen, arms, buttocks, and thighs.  One thirty-minute HIFEM treatment provides the toning and muscle-building effects of 20,000 crunches!

Consultation: Free

HIFEM muscle toning body contouring
Microblading poweder brow nano brow

Powder or Ombre Brows

Powder or Ombre brows is a cosmetic semi-permanent makeup technique designed to create eyebrows with soft powder effect, very similar to powder makeup. Powder effect is done with a shading technique using a permanent makeup device, which is similar to a tattoo gun.


Consultation: Free

First Session Powder Brows or Ombre Brows: $500        

6-8 Week Touch Up : $100

2-6 Month Touch Up: $150

7-12 Month Touch Up: $200

12-18 Month Touch Up: $250

18+ Month Touch Up: Full Price